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Raised in the marginal neighbourhoods in Quibar, Aura is a legend in the underworld. The semi-elf has earned herself respect due to her deadly efficiency and absolute lack of qualms. There is no job hard or dirty enough for her. Errors in her world are paid with death, and Aura is a survivor.

Master of deceit and concealment, Aura disappears into the shadows and finishes her enemies with cold efficiency.

There is no lock, chest, or trap too difficult for her. Aura always finds a chance to get her way.

"Payment is due before the job, with a no corpse found guarantee"

North Edannan

Located in the westernmost part of the Great Continent, the kingdom of Edennan is the fertile land of the Elves. Rich in all types of resources, to its South are the lush forests of Mallevene and the brave river Ulies as its eastern border.

Its inhabitants, the Elves, the golden eyed race, had always been characterized by their restraint and balance. But, unlike their brothers in the South, the Edannians, the elves of the north, gradually separated from the creeds of Mother Nature. This resulted in their organization as a kingdom, granting privileges to the monarchy, while, on the other hand, forcing them to develop a solid military structure, due to the constant threat of an invasion from Tirkah.

The power struggle between both branches was hidden for centuries, but with the arrival of King Alsuen on the throne, and the beginning of the Age of Commerce, the separation between the monarchial and military elves became evident. It was of Little value that Edannan was the key to connecting the entire Great Continent, except for the failed negotiations with the stubborn dwarfs of Atilus.

But King Alusen´s ambitious goal was cut short by his own greed. When his finest explorer made it beyond MistWall and brought him a gift from the unknown lands, the elven king lost his mind.

His madness drove him to invoke the Council of Taldrim, and begin the Northern Wars.

Mini of Aura


Aura carries two twin daggers, exquisitely carved, whose blades do notreflect the light. They are called“Midnight” and “Silence”.

Assassins mostly dress in black, whichloses effectiveness during the day, butAura has perfected her camouflage tothe point of melting into any environmentwith incredible ease, giving her thenickname “Death in the shadows”.