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Eztrok is an ook, a creature of the rocks. Like others of his kind, its fists are lethal weapons and it’s body, nearly indestructible. Greater even than its size, is the goodness that its entire being exudes. But that goodness would soon vanish if you were to threaten Vyktor, his former slave owner that for the past few years, has been his only friend and family. In such a case, you would have no salvation, as few can survive the fury unleashed by an ook.

Eztrok will protect Vyktor, his only family, until his last breath. And it is not smart to contradict an ook when he has a clear objective in his hard mind. The movement of the ook is as deceptive as an avalanche. Many have considered keeping a safe distance while in combat and were surprised by its quick fist.

Being close to Eztrok's fists is suicide. It can use the sharp gems that sprout from its forearms, use strange gravitational magic, or just brutally crush you. Eztrok is, in essence, a walking mountain. It cannot be knocked over or stunned easily.

“Ancient mountain. Wise mountain. Living mountain.”

Mini of Eztrok