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The most lethal among the deadliest Tirkah clan warriors, Khan was forced into exile and deprived of his honor by those who once were his brothers and sisters. Now a mercenary, a sword for hire, unleashing savagery in the battlefield. A stream of fury and mayhem, bound by no law, leaving nothing but a path of death behind.

An angry warrior who has lost absolutelyeverything, surrendering to the profoundhatred and resentment that resideswithin him, to continue on hisbloodthirsty journey.

A beast even among his peers, there arefew barriers than Khan cannot teardown, quickly shortening the distancebetween his greatsword and hisenemies.

"Khan is destruction"


The island of Tirkah is located to the west of the Great Continent, far from any civilization, and is considered a dangerous place.

This is due to it being inhabited by the fierce tirkhans, a race of proud and independent human warriors, guided by the rules of Kah, their only God and general at war.

Abiding these laws, the tirkhans will execute any emissary of the Great Continent, along with nomads belonging to no Clan that they find wandering through the Kah’s Arena (Tirkah). Without external enemies, Kah has witnessed his six clans battle each other in single combat, or under weak alliances, not without betrayals and deceptions.

The elders of each Clan, supported by the wisdom of their Shaman, the only mystic able to read the Thread of Life, have been responsible for perpetuating the rules of Kah, giving rise to a strong and authoritarian society. Each tirkhan passes tests throughout his life, which define his contribution to the Clan, which they defend with real fanaticism. It is the only way to guarantee a place at Kah’s table after death.

There have been times, following the mysterious schemes of their shamans, some Clans executed sporadic sea raids in Edannan, with the purpose of looting and fighting the elves, enemies they deeply respect for not shying away from combat.

Although, on the eve of the Apocalypse, an unprecedented situation was upon them: all the shamans convinced their Elders to make the greatest alliance ever seen. So, at the end of 582, Tirkah ships left their island, loaded with the largest military contingent ever seen in Endarth. And somehow, they started the beginning of the end of days.

Mini of Khan


Khan’s weapon is a piece of metal toolarge, too coarse, and too wild to becalled a greatsword.

The warriors of the Wolf Shadow Clan,carry large abdominal plates with thesymbol of their rank. It is one of the fewplaces where they wear any armor.