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Agamon’s Tower Guardian, and a most distinctive figure among the Arcane Priests, Riavan is the only magician to have mastered four magic schools. His arrogant behaviour has estranged him from the elite of the magic society, leaving him more time to refine his skills, and one day, fulfill the vengeance that devours him.

His mentor taught him that class andstyle should not be at odds with strategyand power. From the moment hedisappeared, Riavan took his words as atribute, whilst dominating his own innerdemons.

Riavan´s ability to learn appears to belimitless. He is a fierce reader of themost dangerous manuscripts of theTower of Agamon, he is able tounderstand almost any text, memorize it,and use it in his favor.

"I control magic. Not the contrary. Although you might struggle to understand the concept..."


Tyrennor is a military state, located within the heart of Endarth.

With their social system directed by a strong chain of command, their soldiers have been given the nickname of “Defenders”, due to the imposing Wall of the Oath, which safeguards its western border against attacks from unimaginable monsters from the Mandora Swamp.

Tyrennor has always been financially one step behind the rest of the kingdoms due to having no access to the sea. On the other hand, it is the only one to have established solid commercial ties with the dwarfs of Atilus, resulting in small settlements of the mountain race and cooperation in the construction of joint fortifications.

Undoubtedly, the most impressive being the white wall of Taldrim. Begun in 567 by the General Asmodio and completed eleven years later in the year 578, the General moved the power of the capital to the new White City, thus becoming one of the most technologically advanced points in all of Endarth.

By this time, Tyrennor had carved its own path and was firmly seated in Endarth: attacks from the swamp were repelled and conflicts on the eastern border with Damardas were no longer a problem.

All was well until the emergency call came from King of the Elves. General Asmodio offered the White City to hold the Council of Taldrim, bringing each leader from the kingdoms of Endarth tothe same table. Although Tyrennor did not agree to actively participate in the Northern Wars, the Damardas troops were granted safe passage through their lands.

As a result, the oiled military machinery was overloaded. The attacks in the swamp multiplied at the worst moment and the Way of the Crosses began to vomit enemies like never before. So, with the fall of Taldrim, the pride, technology and solidarity of the country were engulfed by corruption, along with most of their souls.

Mini of Riavan


Riavan´s suits are always beautifullytailored, rich and complex, with colorsthat tend toward the most offensiveschools of magic: Fire and Death.

The diary of Agamon is one of Endath´sGreat Books, even if it is small in size.Riavan, along with only a few othersknow the true contents of its aged pages.