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Born to be a druid, profoundly connected to mother Nature, Selynn has proved to be the finest hunter in the village. Skilled in every secret technique that make the Mallevene Forest Elves such a mystery. Once her golden eyes have fixed apon her prey, there is only one outcome.

As a hunter, Selynn has always beenpatient and unyielding, putting her aboveher peers in the village. Her precisionwith a bow has surpassed her tribe, andis recognized throughout all Mallevene.

As a druid, the young elf has shown adirect connection with Mother Nature,generating harmony with each of hersteps, balancing the violent forces ofnature… or using her power.

"You are not alone in the forest, you just
need to pay attention"

Edannan (south): Mallevene Forest

The ancient elven grimories descript the elves and their coming to the world of Endarth, where, with runes practically forgotten by most, they are defined as “born in harmony with Mother Nature”.

The golden eyed race considered themselves as the guardians of the balance between life and death, in total peace with the world around them. However, many did not understand the reason for some tribes to leave for the lands of northern Edannan, abandoning the forests.

Those that stayed to defend their oldest scrolls, abolished their brothers by performing their most powerful ritual: they wrote their names along with the symbols of their clans on large scrolls and burned them, their ashes buried under sacred trees, where funeral ceremonies were performed for their souls. This allowed them to reap the relationship of the exiled with Mother Nature and thus continue their divine mission: to be the guardians of nature in the times to come.

Communication was never restored between the elves. The Mallevene tribes continued to inhabit the ancient forest, obtaining everything necessary to survive whilst honoring their ancestral mission.

There are legends that there is a tree to the north of the forest, that’s branches are always full of golden leaves, from which hangs a sign with a tip for the unknowing traveler that reads: “This is the territory of those born in harmony with Mother Nature. He who respects the balance will breathe her air, drink her water, and walk on her land. He who follows the path of chaos will be hunted mercilessly.” 

This warning should not be taken lightly; the elves of Mallevene are relentless hunters and will punish without hesitation anyone who does not show respect for their land.

Mini of Selynn


The bows that the elves of Malleveneuse are small works of art. Their outerrunes bond with the lethality of theirarrow, while their inside thanks MotherNature for the hunt obtained.

Mallevene´s garments are light, butunusually resistant. Forests embraceand merge with these explorers, beingpart of them in their own right.