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Merchant, alchemist and expert shooter, Vyktor quickly rose through the prestige ranks among the Lineages of Tibur’s stone and became a renowned Ook slave master. This status, however, lost all of its value on the day a fatal accident took his entire family from him. To his surprise, he was rescued by one of the same beasts he mistreated so often. From that moment onwards, Vyktor decided to go into exile and wander through the lands of Endarth without a clear destination. Trying to atone for his sins.

As an expert shooter, Vyktor will aim at the right spot to destroy any foe. No matter the distance or method. It is known that dwarves are fond of explosives, but for Vykor, it borders on obsession.

Roar is the name of his rifle designed by an old friend of his, one of the most eccentric engineers in all of Tibur: Efrem the mad one. It is an unique and dangerous weapon.

Familiar with the treatment of black powder, Vyktor is able to build traps of all kind too, but he’ll always prefer those which end in a violent explosion.

“There are but two things in this world that I trust in this damned world: my weapon and my friend.”

Mini of Vyktor